This magical Harry Potter item is ALMOST available IRL and we can’t deal


harry potter

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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We’ve got news that will literally change your life.

And of course we ALWAYS have groundbreaking news, like the fact that things were almost hella different in Love Actually, and that these celebs might be heading into Celebrity Big Brother soon.

But this is absolutely mega.

Any Harry Potter fan will know that the most coveted magical item out there is, of course, the Invisibility cloak.


Every time Harry and the gang experienced any sort of problem, they whipped out the cloak and everything worked out.

It’s pretty much a character in its own right.

harry potter

Granted, Hermione Granger’s Time-Turner would be pretty awesome, but we are simple creatures. The whole time travel and having multiple versions of yourself thing blew our minds a little too much so we reckon we’d inadvertently cause the world to explode or something.

So we’re going with invisibility cloak.

The possibilities are ENDLESS. Want to listen in on a convo without being seen, or fancy sneaking yourself into a celeb party?


harry potter

Well according to people who know their science (which definitely isn’t us) it might not be long until we are all running around with our own versions.

According to some brainy YouTubers, “scientists are getting kind of close to making these dreams come true”.


harry potter

They reckon that if we could work out how to reflect the light in a high tech way, we’d have the invisibility thing down.

“The key is distorting the way light bounces off an object. We're able to see things when light reaches our eyes. If we want to hide this apple, we just have to change the way that the light gets scattered off of its surface,” the video explains.

How amazing does that sound?

Take a look at the video here and see what you think. Then if you find out where we can get one, let us know ASAP.

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