“I have so many tales to tell”: Madonna is going to write an autobiography! Um, amazing

We've got MANY burning questions about this


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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JUST IMAGINE the stories that Madonna has to tell.

Well, you won’t have to soon because Madge is going to write an autobiography. Although she hasn’t started just yet, we must add.

“I’m sure I will one day. I’ve got so many tales to tell,” she told Jo Whiley.

“If I wrote my book that would be from start to finish, and that’s a whole lot of ground to cover.

“I’d tell the stories I felt were valuable to tell, that were inspiring, that people could relate to. I’m a storyteller, that’s what I think of myself as.

We have every confidence that Madonna will write an absolute blockbuster (and bonkbuster) of a book, and probably way faster than you’d imagine, too. Lady can do anything she puts her mind to.

Madonna, please do this. And soon.

Stuff that we’d like to see in the book includes:

a) Whether she ever slightly fancied Ali G when he appeared in her video for Music (you can admit it, Madge, we kind of maybe did too)

b) Who the hell she dresses up at ‘80s fancy dress parties, because obviously the standard costume is “Madonna”

c) And whether she is ever going to stop wearing fishnet tights? We’re genuinely curious.

Thanks, Madge.

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