The villa FINDS OUT about Jess and Mike having sex :o

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'Did Jess and Mike have sex?' 'DID THEY!?' has probably been the most gripping story to come out of Love Island yet. There are memes aplenty, a video doing the rounds where seemingly Jess whispers 'Let's go back and f**!'

Tbf, Jess barely even denied her hotel shagathon and only responded with a cryptic 'you can't believe everything you read' tweet. Interesting.

Everyone has been mega-concerned about Dom, who has been obliviously wailing over the eviction of his 'girlfriend' Jess Shears. Some have even willed Caroline Flack to whisper in his ear the goings on in the outside world.

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However, there is no more need for the sun-kissed host to get involved as Marcel is gifted with 'a Skype call with his friends from home' who dish the dirty. Phew. A present from the universe. Thanks baby Jesus.

Love island


When Marcel finds out about the story of Jess and Mike circulating the nation, he replies in disbelief.


Marcel's friends agree. Marcel literally facepalms.

'PEAK' is all he can reply. It is bloody peak, innit.

He genuinely looks disapointed and horrified he has to go and break Dom's heart. Oh Marcel :(

Marcel said in the diary room, 'It was wicked talking to the boys, but at the same time getting the low down on the Dom situation has put a bit of a downer on a positive conversation I had with my boys.’

Later, Dom and Marcel sit down and the Blazing Squad megababe reveals he has something to tell him...

did mike and jess have sex

Let's hope Dom doesn't cry too much and has a 'Don't shoot the messenger' plaque framed in his downstairs loo.

Oh, who are we kidding. WE LOVE DRAMA.

Love island

Will Dom believe Marcel? Will he go crawling back to Montana? Will he spend the next five days sobbing into his pillow? Only time will tell...

Dom later revealed to the Beach Hut:

“I know I was real. I was true to her and I thought it was special. If she’s done what she’s done, it clearly wasn’t as special to her. So I’ve decided rather than worry about it, I will cross the bridge when it comes to it when I get out of here."

"But it’s Love Island and I’m going to enjoy myself and embrace the opportunity I’ve got and thank myself lucky for still being here.”

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