Marco Piere White Junior’s ex-fiancée: ‘I was physically sick when I saw him cheating’

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It’s been the most controversial scene on this year’s *Big Brother *– 252 people complained to Ofcom– but Marco Pierre White Junior and fellow housemate Laura Carter’s S&M romp cost him more than his dignity and his engagement to Kim Melville-Smith is off.

The show aired footage on 7 June of Marco telling Laura to “Strangle me…whip me…” with a belt before they appeared to have sex, much to the shock of Kim.

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In an exclusive interview, the model and fashion designer told heat:Big Brother called me in advance to warn me. I watched a tiny bit when they shared a bed but it made me feel sick so I turned it off.

"He told me before he went in the house that he needed to have a relationship. He said. 'Kim, I love you so much, I really want to marry you, please think of this as all acting'. But I didn’t think it would affect me like it has. I physically threw up when I saw him in a clip kissing that girl.”

Remarkably, Kim directs a lot of her wrath not at Marco, but at the other woman, Laura, who claims to have once had a threesome with Justin Bieber.

Kim told us: "How dare she. It’s just f8cking rude. She’s so disrespectful. I think she’s an absolute f*cking bitch, to be honest.

"I’ve met some of his ex girlfriends and they are really nice. They are not tarty and chavvy and trashy like she is. She’s like a piece of meat, slinging herself across him.”

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Kim, who’s known Marco for years, says that he won her over just four months ago when she was dating someone else and the playboy has been in rehab three times already.

Kim has now broken off her relationship with the son of the famous chef and has tweeted about her heartbreak saying it's worse than skinned knees.

*You can read more of Kim's interview in the current issue of heat magazine, out now. *

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