Why did Marco Pierre White Jnr miss the Big Brother final?

He's so elusive

marco pierre white jr

by Polly Foreman |
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Our opinion of Marco Pierre White Jnr has gone from mild disgust to exasperation to concern. And right now we're pretty darn worried about the ex-Big Brother housemate.

Marco Pierre White Jnr

Marco was the one who swanned into the house, boasted about spending £250,000 in three months on what sounds like the maddest holiday ever (prostitutes, alcohol and cocaine), cheated on his fiancée with Laura Carter, and swanned out again as the first evictee.

He has since caused quite a stir - threatening fellow ex-housemate Georgina Leigh Cantwell on Snapchat, downing an entire bottle of vodka (while looking sad and vomming in a green bucket), and uploading a pic what looked like (an awful lot of) a very suspicious looking white substance.

But it seemed that his wild lifestyle was catching up with him last week. He posted a tweet reading: "I don't even know myself anymore."

Many of his followers urged him to get help, with one replying: "someone telling you to get help is telling you for your own good, not theirs. You have an amazing future ahead. Pls don't lose it."

Last night's Big Brother final caused a stir for a number of reasons. Predominantly because Jason Burrill somehow managed to win it, but also because Marco was nowhere to be seen.

Jason Burrill

We kinda assumed he'd just be busy live tweeting another white powder and vodka fuelled bender – but he posted two very cryptic tweets on the day prompting us to think there may be more to that story.

He wrote: "I want to stop time and feel this pain" and "I would hate me 2 if I was you."

His posts seemed to spark concern among his followers, and messages like "No one hates you. Please get help" and "Don't hate you, just think you should be doing something with your life and not being a waster who has too much money" came pouring in.

But he did also post a tweet today saying "De Beers" – so we're guessing he's alright. Good.

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