Marco Pierre-White Jr accused of going on huge shopping spree with ex’s bank card


Marco Pierre White

by Polly Foreman |
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Ever since he bounded into Big Brother earlier this year, Marco Pierre White jr has successfully established himself a very naughty reputation.

And now he's apparently appeared in court over allegations that he went on a £3,900 shopping spree using ex-girlfriend Carina Evans' card. The spree allegedly occurred back in February (so pre Marco's BB appearance).

According to The Mirror, the prosecutor said: "He is accused of using a bank card belonging to someone he was in a relationship with, purchasing various items to the value of £3,900.

"There is opposition in relation to bail. There is an issue that he was positive for cocaine so there are substantial grounds for keeping him in custody."

It was also revealed that Marco failed to surrender to police when they tried to contact him, and he was located in Bristol.

But the defence apparently argued that they hadn't seen any evidence to confirm he was using the card, and that Marco says she is fabricating the allegations to get back at him.

Whether guilty or not, Marco has given us a few inklings he’s literally terrible with money. While on Big Brother, he openly boasted about spending £250,000 in three months on what sounds like literally the maddest holiday ever ("prostitutes, cocaine and alcohol"). He also recently tweeted: "Just bought every donut in krispy cream in Bristol fuck the people behind me hahahah."

C’mon, Marco, that’s just bad manners.

Marco's life since he left BB has been a non-stop party. We think he's probably been on a non-stop party since he left primary school (possibly before).

After showing off about drinking and being in possession of a suspicious looking white powder on social media for a while, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when he announced he was going to rehab).

But, as afore mentioned, Marco is EXTREMELY NAUGHTY. So left rehab to play Pokémon Go.

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