Marco Pierre White Jr LITERALLY filmed himself having sex on Snapchat

Classic Marco

Marco Pierre White

by Polly Foreman |
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We all know that Marco Pierre White Jr is basically the naughtiest person in the world. He cheated on his fiancée in the Big Brother house, spent £250,000 in three months on what sounds like the MADDEST HOLIDAY EVER ("strippers, alcohol and cocaine"), and enjoys nothing more than live tweeting himself downing spirits and playing with suspicious looking white powders.

He also made some seriously vile threats against his fellow BB housemate Georgina Leigh-Cantwell. So, y'know, we aren't mega fans.

And last night he took to Snapchat to document what looks to us like a very tiresome night.

It kinda made us want to cry and have an extremely long nap.

It all starts off with Marco innocently enjoying a few drinks in the sunshine with fellow BB housemate Chelsea Singh.

And then it descends into some kind of sex and suspicious powder fuelled all night RAMPAGE.

He tweeted a while ago saying he was considering becoming a pornstar, and now it looks like his dream may be coming true. He filmed himself having sex with a mystery woman, as well as taking several very intimate pics of her. They are sandwiched between videos of him singing in the bathroom.

Marco Pierre White

Did he just leave her there when he did that? Or wot?

The Snapchats only stopped at around 10:00am this morning.


It's worth mentioning that throughout the Snapchat story (it's EXTREMELY LONG, BTW), he sings along to Kanye West's Famous basically the entire time.

Marco Pierre White

We think he might think he's Kanye West.

And we honestly felt exhausted, stressed and a bit scared just watching the whole thing.

Marco Pierre White

He announced he was going to rehab a few weeks ago, which made us all extremely relieved – but he then left to play Pokemon Go (2016, guys), and he's seemingly been having these kinda nights on the reg since then.

Maybe time for a nap?

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