Marco Pierre White Jnr has left rehab to play Pokemon Go

Err… At least he tried?

Marco Pierre White

by Polly Foreman |
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In what has to be the most 2016 thing we've heard all 2016, Marco Pierre White Jnr uttered the words: "Out of rehab, playing Pokemon Go in the park."

Marco Pierre White


Since bounding out of the Big Brother house as the first evictee about five minutes after he bounded in, Marco has been a VERY NAUGHTY BOY.

He lived a life that was so wild that we felt sick just thinking about it – and we were forced to think about it all the time because he live tweeted the whole thing.

He tweeted a pic of what looks like a suspicious white substance, captioning it: "it's only a problem if you can't afford it". WHICH IS SUPER COOL!

But his naughtiness did not stop there. He also tried to down a bottle of vodka, videoed it, and basically spent the entire video looking really sad and vomming into a green bucket. He still carried on drinking it though, because he is VERY NAUGHTY.

But it seemed as if his wild lifestyle was catching up with him last week, as he tweeted saying he was going to rehab – which we thought was a fantastic idea.

And we were pretty pleased for young Marco in the days that followed, as he was saying things like "I know it's only day 2 but I feel so much better" and "Feeling shit but in a good way."

But there are limited Pokemon in rehab.

He tweeted: "Thinking of leaving rehab ain't 4 me" and "I'll stay one more day and if I feel like this tomorrow I'll go."

He then posted a Snapchat saying: "Out of rehab playing Pokemon Go in the Park."

FFS, Marco.

Marco Pierre White

He was joined by a mystery woman (he loves being joined by mystery women), and he said in one of the vids: "I've left rehab and going to go out for dinner and a couple of drinks. Maybe I'll come back who the fuck knows? I don't really care anymore"

Marco Pierre White

Plz Go back, Marco.

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