Naughty Marco Pierre White Jr has done EVEN MORE naughty things

It's just a daily occurrence now, TBH

marco pierre white jnr

by Polly Foreman |
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You'll probably be aware that Marco Pierre White Jr is a bit of a bloody nightmare. Even if you didn't watch Big Brother (where in his short time he managed to cheat on his fiancé, let the world know about his partiality for strangulation, and generally just make everyone in the house uncomfortable), you may be aware of his antics since being evicted.

In a nutshell, he apparently got charged with driving under the influence of cocaine, threatened a former housemate, and has basically just been a very, very naughty boy.


And now he's got EVEN MORE NAUGHTY, and is demonstrating just how much on social media.

He posted a pic to Twitter of what looks like (an awful lot of) a suspicious white substance, captioning it: "it's only a problem if you can't afford it". You are just SO COOL Marco, we are SO JEALOUS.

But his naughtiness did not stop there. He also tried to down a bottle of vodka, videoed it, and basically spent the entire video looking really sad and vomming into a green bucket. He still carried on drinking it though, because he is VERY NAUGHTY.

He then tweeted: "getting f*cked and getting more ink lol", which he delivered on both accounts – posting a Snapchat story of him tattooing himself and getting his face pierced.

Marco Pierre White

Marco has put his best efforts into making it abundantly clear that he's absolutely WILD and loves to party. While in the house, he proudly boasted about spending £250,000 on what sounds like the maddest holiday EVER ("prostitutes, cocaine and alcohol"), and he's since really lived up to his bad boy image.

What are you like, Marco?

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