Mariah Carey celebrates anniversary of birth 4 times everyday

Say what?!

Mariah Carey

by Rebecca Heyes |
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We all know Mariah Carey is the original diva.

Puppies brought to calm her down before a show, demanding a certain type of flower in her dressing room, a massage before each interview- you name it, she has it.

But she recently revealed to Us Magazine that she celebrates the anniversary of her birth, which is March 27, every single day at 3:27 AM, PM, PST and ST!


Is anyone really that important that they have to celebrate their actual birth 4 times every single day for the rest of their lives?!

Well apparently Mariah is, and who are we to disagree.

In the same interview, the singing sensation also revealed that she swims in the evenings wearing a gown and heels.

We somehow think she may have been being slightly ironic here.

A vision of Mariah doing the fly in a long ballgown and Jimmy Choos is a bit too much for us to get our heads round.

More news!

Who knew- a diva AND she’s funny.

Mariah is the whole package ladies and gents.


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