Mariah Carey falls down stairs – boyfriend James Packer sits and watches!

Send us a postcard next time, Mariah.


by Ellie Henman |
Published on

When Mariah Carey started to take an almighty tumble down some stairs, you’d have thought her new boyfriend James Packer would have leapt to her rescue. Nah.

Instead of going to Mariah’s aid, James didn’t move a muscle and watched as she started to fall from the comfort of a seat on his boat. Whatever happened to chivalry, eh?

Being a proper gent eh, James?
Being a proper gent eh, James?

Luckily for Mariah, one of billionaire James’ minions was on hand and he quickly scooped the singer to safety.

The couple have been holidaying in the Med with their kids – Mariah’s four year old twins and James’ three young children – and have been living in luxury on James’ yacht.

But if we were Mariah, we’d be having a serious word with James. Imagine letting one of the biggest music divas fall flat on her face. There would be hell to pay, surely.

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