Mariah Carey’s leaked photoshoot with Terry Richardson shows LOADS of Photoshopping went on

Listen, we've all wished for Photoshop to come and save us from stinking wineovers, #shinyface and persistent double chins.


by Emmeline Saunders |
Published on

But there's no excuse for the amount of airbrushing that's gone on in Mariah Carey's latest photoshoot.

The singer palled up with sleazy photographer Terry Richardson to do a shoot for Wonderland magazine, but someone unearthed the original snaps and Jezebel turned them into gifs.

What a difference that airbrush makes - Mariah's waist is magically whittled down, her jawline is tightened, her legs and bum are nipped in and her skin is given a completely different tone in the 'after' pictures.

In another shot, Mariah bites down on a diamond necklace while wearing shades (haven't we all?) and even her wrists are given the shrinking treatment.

Come on guys. Sort it out.

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