Mario Falcone quits TOWIE!

And we’re getting all emotional about it!

Mario Falcone

by Hayley Kadrou |
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After four years on The Only Way Is Essex, Mario Falcone has decided to call it a day with the reality show.

Mario joined the show in 2011, but has quit ahead of the fifteenth series, telling The Mirror: “I have had a great time on TOWIE and relished the many opportunities the show has given me but after 14 series, I feel it is time to move on and explore something new.”


Mario has taken a backseat anyway over the last few seasons, as he was briefly suspended from the most recent series for promoting slimming pills online, missing the annual TOWIE trip to Marbella (and we all know that’s the best part of the show!), and previously he was suspended after allegedly being caught snorting cocaine on camera.

Naughty boy!

Mario was mostly known for his on-off relationship with co-star Lucy Mecklenbergh, who he became engaged to on air in 2012. But their relationship finally came to a dead stop in February 2013, as the love-rat cheated on her several times during their relationship.

A source also told “He’s done it in the proper way. He’s officially resigned, it’s not like he’s crept in and said ‘I quit’.”

And his co-stars have already taken to Twitter to express their sadness at his departure.

Pete Wicks said: “Sad to see the big man leave but wishing you all the luck in the world.”

Lydia Bright tweeted: “Sad to hear that @Mario_Falcone after four years is leaving TOWIE. Wishing you all the best in the future, you will be missed.”

And Lydia’s boyfriend James Argent added: “You will be missed mate, Good Luck for the future & I wish you all the best! You’ve been a big part of #TOWIE #TheOnlyWayIsUp”

We’re getting a bit emosh over here!

But mainly we’re wondering what we’ll see Mario doing next. We’re feeling a new I’m A Celeb contestant is in the making…

TOWIE cast in Marbella 2015 (and what the HELL are they wearing?)


TOWIE cast in Marbella 2015 (and what the HELL are they wearing?)

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Goff_Towie_arrive_f_26389832 of 20


Goff_Towie_arrive_f_26389933 of 20


Goff_Towie_arrive_f_26390254 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_26396745 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_26396866 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_26396987 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_26397228 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_26397399 of 20


Goff_TOWIE_In_Marbe_264006110 of 20


Goff_TOWIE_In_Marbe_264006411 of 20


Goff_TOWIE_In_Marbe_264007112 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_264042513 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_264042914 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_263972215 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_264043016 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_264051917 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_264053618 of 20


Goff_Towie_in_Marbe_264053119 of 20


Goff_TOWIE_In_Marbe_264004120 of 20


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