Mark Ronson backs Amy Winehouse film

Mark says the film is tough to watch but it brings back memories.


by Maria Vallahis |
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Mark Ronson, who produced some of Amy Winehouse's most famous tracks – including Rehab, Back To Black and Valerie – has backed the biopic - Amy - out on the big screen now.

Mark, 39, has said that although the film is hard to watch, it brings back memories of his amazing friend.

While Amy’s father Mitch was left disppointed and reportedly 'outraged' that the film didn't depict Amy in a positive light, Mark and his wife Josephine de La Baume have given it their wholehearted seal of approval.

It was also reported Mitch was threatening to sue the film makers.

“Obviously, its tough to watch the film because it brings back memories,” says Ronson.

“But what I love about it is that my wife never got to meet Amy and I am always telling her stories about us in the studio and the clever, witty things that Amy would say.

“We watched it and my wife said, ‘Now I get it, now I see the Amy you talked about’. I forget that not everyone got to see that side of her.”

Despite one time when the late Amy, who died on July 23, 2011 from reported drug use, hit out at Mark because she felt he had claimed too much credit for her success - Mark harbours no hard feelings.

Mark even dedicated his latest album Uptown Special to Amy.

“The thing that’s really good about the film is the way they show the lyrics to make sure you read every word and understand them, the genius of them,” says Ronson. “You also see she was a real jazz performer with the attitude that, ‘I write these songs, go out and sing them and that’s what I’m all about’.

"There was nothing pretentious about her, she had a gift and a talent and then she ended up becoming a runaway success that led to some unfortunate things happening.

“The really respectful thing about the movie is you are reminded why she was famous in the first place – she was a genius, that’s the stuff even I can forget.

“I forget that when I played her the piano chords to Back To Black she wrote the lyrics in an hour. I was blown away, people just don’t write lyrics like that any more.

“On Rehab as well, she wrote those lyrics in two hours and they’re so honest. Whoever thought there’d be a pop record about preferring to listen to Donny Hathaway than going to rehab, in 2006? Hers were the most open, honest lyrics you’re ever going to hear on pop radio.”

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