Mark Wright admits he’s missing Michelle Keegan while on Strictly

Mark Wright is busy with Strictly Come Dancing but is really missing his fiance Michelle Keegan.


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While Michelle Keegan is filming her new drama series, Mark Wright is performing on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Which means the pair, both 27, haven’t seen eachother much and Mark is missing his 'Mrs' a lot.

The past two years we’ve seen them inseparably and the former Towie star admitted it has been a struggle being away from his fiancé, but he’s come up with ways to make sure Michelle knows she’s in his thoughts.

Mark told the Mirror: “About three weeks ago I’d been really missing her and she’d been really missing me. “I sent her 27 roses and I said on the card, ‘Here’s 27 roses – this is how many days it’s going to be until we’re together’.

“This weekend she has a break, which means we can be together every day until Christmas and a little bit after – I just cannot wait.”

Mark also doesn’t want to suffer worrying about The Curse of Strictly, which resulted in attached contestants forming relationships with their dance partners.

We’d be pretty chuffed if our other half, or, er, anyone compared us to one of those slinky, booby Victoria’s Secret angels. That hasn’t happened yet for obvious reasons. SIGH.

It happens all the darn time in the Wright-Keegan household, however.

After Michelle was feeling a bit down about all the VS models flaunting their half naked bodies about recently, Mark reassured her to the whole world, via Twitter, that he was sure they were also envious about her too.

Michelle tweeted:

And a caring Mark responded with:

He wins the best boyfriend award for sure. Now get married please guys!

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