Mark Wright NOT HAPPY about claims Strictly’s made him too tired for sex

Strictly Come Dancing star Mark has blasted reports as ‘crude’

Mark Wright Michelle Keegan

by Fiona Day |
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The Internet went a bit mad after the 28-year-old told the Metro: "I've not been waltzing around the bedroom because I am tired all the time. And in pain.

"Since Strictly, every time I twist my back, I hear ten cracks. That never used to happen. My ankles, my groin – everything is hurting in every place.”

Well, appaz Mark WASN’T referring to his sex life, just literally waltzing- as in actual dancing- around his actual bedroom. And by bedroom we mean a room with a bed not a room where people have sex in a bed.

Mark wasn't talking about 'waltzing' with Michelle

The former TOWIE star- who is engaged to actress Michelle Keegan- took to his Twitter to blast the way his words had been ‘twisted’, calling reports ‘crude’.

He tweeted: “So I was asked if I'm dancing at home, I reply I'm too tired to be waltzing around the bedroom and they twist it to something crude #typical."

TBH it’s hard to talk about things like groins and backs cracking and NOT think of sex, Mark, no???

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