Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan celebrated their 1-month wedding anniversary in Cambridge

Is that an actual thing now?

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Check out Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan in Cambridge for the day, being all cultural and stuff.

They went punting and even craned their necks to look at some posh buildings on the river when they weren’t gazing into each other’s eyes (those university things, you know, where people go to read loads of dusty books for three years).

If you’d not noticed, it’s Mark and Michelle’s ONE-MONTH ANNIVERSARY, guys. You probably hadn’t, although there will be a few weirdos keeping count on a calendar (like, er, us).


They got married on 24 May, so this was their one-month do and don’t think we just made that up – these guys are the slushiest, most loved-up couple on the planet after all.

Mark’s sister Jessica Wright gushed to the Daily Star: “I cried at Mark and Michelle’s wedding, everyone did.

“It was so emotional to watch them have that fairytale. They’re so much in love and so happy.”

It’s just all so darn perfect, ain’t it.

We want one of these

The pair finished off the day when Mark treated himself to a huge ice cream. Better get down the gym after that, buddy (we imagine the pair are now at the gym, working out in tandem, looking bronzed, without a hair out of place).

You're actually awake, Michelle - we can tell

Look, Mark even posted a photo of Michelle looking gorgeous while possibly pretending to be asleep on the way home! Told you they’re loved up.

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