Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan went swimming with SHARKS on honeymoon

That’s one way to put all the Lauren Goodger beef behind them


by Emmeline Saunders |
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Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan took time out of their busy honeymoon schedule of looking incred and blasting Lauren Goodger on Twitter to go swimming with ACTUAL SHARKS.

Mark posted this picture of himself and his brand new wife taking a dip in the giant aquarium at the Atlantis The Palm Hotel in Dubai, where they’d been staying for a week.

Dives with scuba gear start at £165 and go all the way up to £440 per person, according to our very in-depth research, so they definitely got value for money when a giant hammerhead shark swam up behind them.

At that point we’d be silently screaming and swimming as hard as we could for the surface, but Mark and Michelle look refreshingly relaxed about having a man-killing fish within tasting distance.

Michelle also took to her Instagram to post this picture of thousands of rose petals strewn around, captioning it “sea of petals”.

Jel. Though we’ve always thought having a load of flowers chucked around your room would be more troublesome than romantic. What if you got a thorn stuck in your butt? Doesn’t bear thinking about.

The newlyweds are back home in Essex now, where there are fewer sharks but more Lauren Goodger. Which is ironic really, as the only reason Mark kicked off about her in the first place was because she’d visited Dubai while they were there.

He shared another picture this morning of himself on the back of a motorbike being driven to work.

Eyes on the road, Mark mate. We know you’ve swum with sharks now but there’s no need to get cocky.

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan - their most loved up pictures ever


Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan - their most loved up pictures ever

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