Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan’s wedding pictures are on Twitter AT LAST

Best #ThrowbackThursday EVER

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan wedding

by Laurence Mozafari |
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Mark Wright has FINALLY shared some snaps of his wedding to Michelle Keegan on Twitter.

The former TOWIE star posted a bunch of snaps of him displaying his famous Strictly Come Dancing moves at their big day, which took place way back on 24 May.

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Along with the pictures, he said: "It's safe to say us and our crowd know how to party !! #weddingmemories"

The radio DJ posted one pic of him doing the classic trouser slide across the dance floor, which every little boy does when he's twelve, or twenty-eight in Mark's case. Then followed it up with the caption: "And me a bit too much !! Haha"

He even posted a cute picture of himself lifting Michelle Keegan in what looks a bit like the Dirty Dancing, Time Of My Life lift.

Well, now you've posted some pictures Mark, we're going to have to see them all. Go on, post them all. Do it. DO IT.


Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan wedding pictures

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