Marnie Simpson speaks out about Aaron Chalmers’ and Lauren Pope’s relationship

Lauren is Lewis Bloor's ex :O

Marnie Simpson

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We at heat love a cross-reality show romance as much as anyone, but we have to admit we're finding Aaron Chalmers' and Lauren Pope's a bit… unsettling?

And this is because Aaron is Marnie Simpson's ex, and Lauren is Lewis Bloor's. And Marnie and Lewis were an item until recently.

aaron chalmers lauren pope

Seriously - this is almost Kardashian level of dramz.

Marnie's spoken out about the new relationship, admitting she thinks it's pretty weird.

You and us both, Marns.

Writing in her Star magazine column, she said: "I can’t believe my ex Aaron is dating Lauren! I wouldn’t have put them together and it’s weird that she’s one of Lewis’s exes."

"She’s a bit older, which could be good for him.”

She continued: "I wish them all the luck in the world. I want Aaron to be happy and, who knows, she could be The One."

Which is pretty bloody decent if you ask us.

Marnie recently delivered a massive shocker after tweeting she'd be going into the new year single.

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor LS

Lew Lew and Marns were basically our fave couple in the world, we won't lie.

(Sidenote: Read more about Lewis and his ENORMO PEEN here)

Marnie tweeted: “Shoutout to all the girls starting the new year with a break up. Yeah, ditto.”


The two got together earlier this year while appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. A load of people at the time had branded them a showmance, but they had since been shutting down the haterz by being all loved up and posting naked selfies and the like.



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