Marnie Simpson has ‘body dysmorphia’ according to her cousin Sophie Kasaei

You’re a BEAUT, Marns

Marnie Simpson

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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We have ALWAYS loved the Geordie Shore girls for doing their own thing, and doing it with the highest level of PUUA confidence - whether they’re sassing around and absolutely owning their outrageously brilliant outfits, or telling guys EXACTLY how it is.

And with all those super hot and saucy Geordie Shore selfies flying around social media, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these gals are completely comfortable in their own skin - whether that’s clothed or neked.

But now Marnie Simpson’s cousin and bestie, Sophie Kasaei, has come forward to say that she reckons Marns has some serious body issues and ‘doesn’t know she’s beautiful.’

Talking to new! mag, Sophie said: “She always thinks there’s something wrong with her.

“She’s got body dysmorphia … she won’t wear body con dresses, she’s always in leggings and a vest top because she’s conscious of her stomach,”

This has made us SO SAD because Marnie looks absolutely ermazing and we really want her to realise what a worldie she is.

I mean, have you seen her Instagram?! BUM GOALS.

Talking to MTV earlier this year about selfies, Marnie said: “If I’m ever feeling insecure I’ll probably just look at [my Instagram] and be like, ‘That’s a good selfie! Be proud of yourself, don’t feel insecure!’ because us girls we always feel insecure, especially in this industry,”

One person who may have realised what a catch our Marn is is none other than Lewis Bloor, he with a scarily giant penis, who she is currently playing housemates with in Celebrity Big Brother.

We love you just as you are Marnie!

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