We’re now EVEN MORE sure CBB’s Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor are hooking up


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Since the launch of Celebrity Big Brother last night (and in the days leading up to it thanks to the leak of the whole line-up), people across the country have been calling a romance between Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor.

Lewis Bloor
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We at heat BLOODY LOVE A CROSS-REALITY SHOW ROMANCE (is that weird?) so we were super-excited by this prospect.

We were yet more excited when we heard (via none other than Marnie's ex and Lewis' ex-TOWIE cast mate Ricky Rayment, a pretty darn reliable source if you ask us) that they HAD ALREADY HOOKED UP.

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Speaking to The Mirror, he said: "I wouldn't be surprised if [Marnie and Lewis hook up], I'm sure they've had a fling before."

And the spark looks set to ignite in tonight's episode, as the two engage in some DEFINITE chirpsing.

Marnie Simpson
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While in the smoking area (where all the nawty things happen), Marnie tells Lewis that she thinks his beauty spot on his nose is "very cute" and that he makes her laugh. 10 out of 10 flirting skills, Marns.

The two also get into the hot tub together, before being interrupted by Heavy D (we don't know who that is either) who strips off his top and shouts to Samantha: "I've got bigger tits than you!"

heavy d cbb


We really hope things work out – Lewis could do with a distraction after his revelation that he'd kick off without his precious Himalayan salt and coconut oil. We feel ya, Lewis.

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