Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor in ANOTHER Twitter spat

We really can't keep up...


by Ruby Norris |
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If there was an award for the most on/off reality TV couple, Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson would definitely win first prize (Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis would come a close second, tbh).

Ever since they got together on _Celebrity Big Brothe_r way back in Summer 2016, there's been a whole load of agg, dramz, splits and making up. Most notably, they split earlier this year after Lewis cheated on Marnie on Valentine's Day.

They were recently spotted looking pretty cosy on holiday together in Dubai and our heatworld spies reported they looked totes loved up.

BUT THEN, it was reported by The Sun that they'd had a mega bust up and Marnie had thrown red wine all over him in the hotel.

AND THEN, Marnie Instagrammed a cute post explaining that they had gone on holiday to try and patch up some kind of a 'friendship'.

marnie simpson lewis bloor

Lewis later added to our confusion even more by posting a pic reading: "NOT A SINGLE F*CK WAS GIVEN" with the caption: "Dubai was nice".

And now there's been some major shade throwing on Twitter.

In tweets which have now been deleted, it looked as though Lewis had accused Marnie of cheating on him, as he quoted an old loved-up post about Marnie adding: “How jokes when I tweeted this and she was doing that… what a mug #PotKettle."

Marnie then tweeted a cryptic message reading: “If people knew the truth. That is all.”


And she replied to Lewis' shady tweet, saying: “U we’re tweeting me when u were shagging every Tom dick and harry! R u crazy.”



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