Marnie Simpson appeals to fit Jay Hutton from Tattoo Fixers to cover her Ricky Rayment tattoo

Marnie Simpson

by Georgina Terry |
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We at heatworld are quite the pop culture influencers, you know.

If it wasn’t for us no-one would have heard of Celebrity Big Brother, or Kim Kardashian and there was that time we said we quite like dogs and now dogs (DOGS!) are everywhere.


You’re thinking that we’re deluded. And you’d be right.


heatworld suggested that Marnie Simpson from *Geordie Shore *got her Ricky Rayment tattoo covered by fit lord Jay Hutton from *Tattoo Fixers *(after Ricky had his covered by a picture - weirdly - of Gigi Hadid) – and she has! Sort of.

Look, here is our suggestion (as well as in the story):

And here is Marnie’s request:

Here is a picture of hot Jay:

Tattoo Fixers: Jay Hutton
We have a serious wide-on for this man

But where is Jay’s response to Marnie?

Notable by its absence :(

Unless he did it by DM. In which case, selfish Jay. Selfish.

Dear Channel 4 and Marine and fit Jay: please make this happen.

‘K thanks bye. xxx

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