Marty McKenna has a MASSIVE TWITTER ARGUMENT…. with Barclays?!

marty mckenna twitter rant

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We love nosing on a famous person's Twitter argument more than the next person, but we couldn't help finding Marty Mckenna's latest dirty-laundry-throwing, all a bit weird.

The Geordie Shore Star isn't afraid of outing companies or brands that have provided disappointing service - okay we get that. We may or may not have tweeted our destain towards our local bus company after waiting for 55 minutes in the rain, yes.

But calling your bank's staff 'a f***ng div' to your 187k Twitter followers is not really allowed? Someone have a word?

The 21-year-old reality TV star tweeted: '@BarclaysUKHelp u are a f_g divy and the little mug who works in the branch in number needs f_g digged!'

'@BarclaysUKHelp not letting me access my own money that I work for the f*****g idiots send me out a new card ya wronguns (sic).'

When Barclays responded to the message, Marty told them to 'f**k off'.

Marty Mckenna Twitter argument with Barclays

Later, Barclays then closed Marty's account with them, which led him to Tweet:'@Barclays just rang me saying they're closing my account for the abusive tweets… Sorry not my fault ya f*****g useless,'


Barclay's decided to take the mum approach (see: mature, yet with a disappointing sigh) and tweeted:

Marty Mckenna Twitter argument with Barclays

Arguing with your bank is the 2017 version of going off the rails tbh.


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