Marty McKenna is VERY RUDE about his Geordie Shore ex

Come on, Marty man.

Marty McKenna

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If there’s one thing we love it’s wine.

Hang on – what we meant to say was if there’s one thing we love it’s wine.


OK, we’ve got it this time. If there’s one thing we love it’s a social media fight and / or announcement of a “full blown sexual affair” (thank you Katie Price, social media queen).

But this one makes us feel a bit icky.

Geordie Shore’s Marty from the self-proclaimed party McKenna has used Twitter to be really very mean about his ex girlfriend.

Sarah Goodhart Geordie Shore

A user, who presumably had nothing better to do with their time, messaged Marty to ask: “Who's a better ride? @sarlougoodhart or Chloe ferry?”

Sarah Goodhart Marty McKenna Twitter

Marty could have said something diplomatic, he could have replied asking which of them has the bigger heart is the better question, heck – he could have remained silent.

Instead he said: “Probs Chloe like.”

Which is not very nice.

So well done to Sarah Goodhart for her very diplomatic response: “Thank u xx”

Sarah Goodhart Marty McKenna Twitter

Chloe has so far maintained silence on the issue. But that could be because she wasn’t added into the message.

Chloe Ferry nose job
(Credit: Instagram/chloegshore1) © Instagram/chloegshore1

In related news: Chloe has posted an emotional message to Snapchat, saying that online bullying pushed her into having breast augmentation surgery.

Chloe sobbed as she revealed the angry scar she’s been left with as a result of going under the knife.

"So, I put a photo on Instagram a while back with a low-cut top on, and everyone was commenting saying I had saggy boobs," she said.

"From them people commenting on my photo saying that, it stuck in my head really badly and I became really insecure about it.

"So I got an uplift, and I've got awful scars on my boobs now because this person said that my boobs were saggy."

Oh, Chloe love. You are beautiful inside and out, as is Sarah.

Marty, on the other hand, needs to take a good, hard look at himself.


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