Mary Berry does something VERY RUDE during Bake Off and now we don’t know what to think

Is nothing sacred?

Mary Berry

by Georgina Terry |
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Mary Berry, queen of England, does a very rude thing during The Great British Bake Off filming according to Sue Perkins.

And so rude is this VERY RUDE thing that it’s never shown on TV.

Look, we can’t think of a gentle way to break this to you, so we’re just going to go for it.

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    Mary Berry breaks wind in the tent. You heard.

    However, all is not quite as it seems.

    That pixie-eyed prankster Paul Hollywood is apparently to blame for Mary’s bottom burps.

    Sue said: "I say this with love — I've never, ever, outside of my family loved a human more than I love Mary — but there's this iPhone app which is like farts, and Paul [Hollywood] is basically seven years old, so in series two he'd do it all the time and he thought it was hilarious.

    “He'd put it on timer and put it in someone's back pocket.

    "We'd walk in to the Bake Off tent looking all serious and suddenly there would be a 'paarrrrrrrrrrp' coming from Mary's back pocket.

    "He did this day after day after day.”

    But while Mary’s phantom parps were phone-related, not so Mel Giedroyc’s.


    Sue told**: "In Bake Off now, during a technical challenge Mel will go 'paarrrrrrrrrrp' and then say 'sorry chaps' on day one at the tent. She's never met the bakers before. So often she'll do it outside the tent and then bring it straight back in.

    “Tamal, Nadiya and the rest are just waiting there with the whisks to see what the challenge is and I'm saying to her 'stay! No, stay there!' They must think I'm terrible but it's because I just know what's happening, I know all of it too well.

    "Mel is very moderate in temper but fiery of bowel..."

    Is this a bigger scandal than previous finalist Ruby Tandoh apparently referring to Paul as a “walking gammon joint”? We’re calling it as a yes.

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