Mary Berry’s been made into a pizza and we can’t cope


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by Ruby Norris |
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We were absolutely SHOOK by the recent revelations that Queen of Baking, Mary Berry, had never in her life had a take-away pizza. Seriously.

While we admit our love for the round, doughy and delicious food of the Italian gods is borderline obsessive, we can't fathom how Maz hasn't succumbed to the cheesy goodness just once. Not even one cheeky Dominoes after a wild night out with Mel and Sue at the Great British Bake Off Wrap party?

Mary Berry

Chatting about all things Italian on her brand new BBC2 cooking show, Mary revealed that even though she loves to make her own pizzas, she's 'never had a home delivery of a pizza'.

She did reassure us, though, that she does like to make her own. Naturally.

Anyway, clearly as perplexed by this confession as the rest of the nation (see the reactions here) the guys and gals over at ASDA have created a 'Mary Berry Takeaway Pizza' to temp her over to the dark side.


Mary Berry Pizza

With yellow peppers and cheese for hair, ham to depict her face and an assortment of green & red peppers, tomato sauce and black olives for a bit of fancy decoration, the resemblance is uncanny. And it's a bit frightening, not gonna lie.

An ASDA spokesperson said: "Mary Berry has given the nation food inspiration over the years and after hearing that she hadn’t tasted the delights of a takeaway pizza we thought we should put that right.

"Whilst we can't offer everyone a Mary Berry Takeaway Pizza, our pizza counters provide a fresh alternative to takeaways and can be delivered straight to our customers home with the help of our friendly drivers. We look forward to Mary’s review!"

Mary Berry Pizza

Asda will deliver its new creation to Mary Berry, alongside a bottle of white wine, which last week she confessed to using in Bolognese recipes.


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