Mason Noise is back Back BACK on The X Factor

He's the iPhone 6 generation's Cher Lloyd

Mason Noise

by Georgina Terry |
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Mason Noise, stroppy rappy, has been confirmed as the replacement for Tom Bleasby on The X Factor.

Nick Grimshaw revealed that he’s chosen the 21-year-old waiter to go to his house (probably not his actual house) in Pembrokeshire.

But Mason could have some serious squirming to do if he makes it through the Judges’ Houses stage of the competition.

More news!

    He was called a “complete arsehole” by Simon Cowell after encouraging the crowd at his audition to film him, despite a strict ban on filming.

    Later, watching his slot back, Mason moaned: "I watched the first auditions and some people had 10 minute slots while mine was cut to 47 seconds."

    That’s right, Mason. Stick it to the man! The X Factor man! How very rock and roll.

    Mason replaces Tom who quit the show despite making it as one of Grimmy’s six boys.

    It’s rumoured that Jessie J may have advised him against continuing his 'X Factor journey' (TM) but it was also rumoured that Nick wastaking the boys to Paris, so make of that what you will.

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