Matt LeBlanc off Friends is single right now, everyone

How *you* doin’, Matt?


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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How you doin’, Matt?

Now, we’re not ones to crow over the end of a relationship of someone we had a massive crush on a teen as, but… Matt LeBlanc is single.


And even better news – Matt is currently LIVING IN THE UK as he’s filming the fourth series of Episodes.

This could and may actually happen. Matt, do you want a mate right now? We’ll be there for youuuuuuu, etc etc.

Matt has split with long-term partner Andrea Anders after eight years together.

The stars’ rep told Us Weekly that the couple “decided to end things some time ago”.

Granted, Matt has lost a touch of the dark good looks he enchanted us with as silly, silly beefcake Joey Tribbiani in Friends, but we reckon the silver fox look is a winner, too.

A rather fantastic Reddit user calculated just how many sex partners the Friends characters had during the show’s entire run, and Joey got an impressive 51.3 (Chandler, meanwhile, bedded 10.5 laydees). So, you know – Matt could get to work on pulling a la Joey.

Just imagine “How YOU doin’?” in your actual ear? It could happen.

We’re ready when you are, Matt.

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