Matthew Lawrence has certainly grown up since his Mrs Doubtfire days – he’s HOT

Matthew Lawrence

by Owen Tonks |

Mrs Doubtfire was released a whole 23 years ago and it only seems like yesterday we were chuckling away at the antics or Robin Williams’ character in the cinema.

But 23 years is actually a pretty long time which means the cast have done some growing up.

Actor Matthew Lawrence, who played the son, Chris Hillard, in the film has certainly aged well and is looking pretty good.

The star is now 36 years old and is still working in working in movies and television having appeared in Boy Meets World, Bringing Up Jack and Blossom among others.

Matthew Lawrence

Lately he has worked on Disney show Girl Meets World and has appeared alongside Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star Melissa Joan Hart on Melissa and Joey, which features his brother Joey Lawrence.

Matt appears to be a big fan of Instagram where he regularly shares pictures with his 29,000 followers.

Thankfully he’s pretty easy on the eye...


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