McBusted on their unexpected formation: “It was James Bourne’s Su-Bo moment”

The band got together after James' on-stage epiphany


by Owen Tonks |
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You remember McFly and Busted, right? They were those amazing bands that everyone loved. Well, they’ve now had their second coming as McBusted.

But one member in particular had a helping hand in their rebirth as one brilliant supergroup – James Bourne got the wheels turning after McFly spontaneously invited him on stage to perform at their gig.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast today, Tom Fletcher said: “McFly were on tour and James came just to hang out and we kind of convinced him into going on stage and playing some Busted songs.

“Not as a laugh, not to take the mickey out of him, but just for old times' sake and the crowd just went nuts.”

It seems the impromptu performance had such an effect on James that he’s given it a special name, as Dougie Poynter chipped in: “He calls it his Susan Boyle moment.”

The lovely Susan wowed audiences with her first Britain’s Got Talent audition in 2009 when she gave a brilliant rendition of I Dreamed A Dream from musical Les Miserables, giving people who judged her solely on her looks a right old metaphorical slap in the face.

McBusted's very own Su-Bo
McBusted's very own Su-Bo

Tom continued: “He walked out on stage kind of looking a bit scruffy and, you know, he hadn’t had a shave, just come off the train. Everyone was like, ‘Who’s this guy?’ You know, and then he played Year 3000.”

Just a few hours later McBusted was born as their manager, who worked with both bands in their heyday, roped them into working together WHICH WE LOVE.

Matt Willis said: “I got a phone call that night, like, after James came off stage. I had two missed calls from James, which is, erm, not rare.

“Then our old manager called me. Like, Busted’s old manager who managed McFly and was like, ‘James has just been on stage and we’ve all sat down and we’ve got this idea.’

“They kind of talked me through this idea and they said, ‘Are you in?’ and I said, ‘Yeah! I’m in.’ So it’s all just kind of snowballed from there, you know, and everything’s gone nuts.”

Definitely a match made in heaven. DEFFO!

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