Megan McKenna is reportedly ‘taking a break from TOWIE’

She's had a tough old week


by Hannah Mellin |
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Megan McKenna is reportedly 'taking a break' from TOWIE filming after that almighty showdown with her ex-boyfriend Pete Wicks a few days ago.

The row, that was apparently about Pete getting close to Chloe Sims and Megan getting close to her ex Harry Eden, escalated so quickly that the pair had to be PHYSICALLY RESTRAINED by show producers.


Agg central. Literally.

The images, published by The Sun, show Megan and Pete talking on a quiet street in Essex. All was well for about 0.5 seconds until the chat turned nasty, and if Megan's face is anything to go by she was ABSOLUTELY RAGING.

TOWIE bosses have confirmed that the scenes will be shown on Wednesday's episode.

It's probably no surprise to hear that Megan is taking a break from all the dramz to get her head straight.

According to The Sun, Megan will be spending the next few days with her family and friends and will be focusing on her other work commitments – like her clothing range.

A source said: "Megan has been through enough. She has dealt with a lot throughout the relationship but is now focusing on herself and her work but taking a few days out spending time with her friends and family.

"Megan was one thing and that was faithful throughout her relationship. People forget what she went through.. not only in her real life but in public on a TV show.

"Accusations of Megan being seen with her ex emerged after she and Pete had split and do not class as cheating in anyway possible."

Don't know about you guys, but having to work alongside your ex-boyfriend and have your arguments broadcasted on TV must be HELLA stressful.

Let's just hope Megan doesn't quit TOWIE for good :( :( :(


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