Mel Sykes lost a STONE in the I’m A Celebrity jungle – but now says she DOESN’T look good naked

We reckon we could find a fair few people to disagree with you there, Sykesie


by Emmeline Saunders |

Mel Sykes lost an incredible stone while she was in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle, but she’s not happy with her current super-skinny frame.

Speaking to MailOnline, the TV presenter – who came third behind X Factor reject Jake Quickenden and newly crowned King of the Jungle Carl ‘Foggy’ Forgarty on Sunday night – said she does not look good naked now.

“I just saw myself in the mirror after I got out of the shower and I don’t look good naked,” she said.

Mel on the first day of I'm A Celeb
Mel on the first day of I'm A Celeb

“I could feel it in my face. And I could see it in my face, but you only have a little mirror in the jungle, so you don’t see your full body at any time. I didn’t realise quite how thin I’d got until I saw myself just now – and it is not nice. I’ll build up, though.”

Mel, 44, said she’ll be putting it all back on over Christmas because she doesn’t feel good losing so much weight at once.

With the celebrity campmates all put on a diet of 500 calories today, mostly made up of beans, rice and the occasional piece of meat (plus whichever kangaroo body part they had to chow down on for the Bushtucker Trials), it’s hardly surprising that they each lost weight.

Mel on the last day of I'm A Celeb

Michael Buerk had one of the most sudden body transformations, coming out of the jungle a whopping 18lbs lighter than he went in – and even Jake lost up to 10lbs while he was there, despite entering the camp after Gemma Collins came out - remember when she told us in November that she thought the jungle would be a great place to lose weight?

Pick up your brand new copy of heat mag today to find out which of the other campmates came out looking totally different from before they went in.

I'm A Celebrity: The best, worst and most NAKED jungle shower scenes of all time - Myleene Klass, Mark Wright, Katie Price, Amy Willerton, Joey Essex and MORE!


I'm A Celebrity: The best, worst and most NAKED jungle shower scenes of all time - Myleene Klass, Mark Wright, Katie Price, Amy Willerton, Joey Essex and MORE!

Gemma Collins, 2014
1 of 9

Curvy girl Gem was the first celeb to strip off for the famous jungle shower in this current series, giving us many LOLs at her hilarious squeals and groans at the cold water.

Helen Flanagan, 2012
2 of 9

Flanny whinged her way through every single challenge, at one point quitting before the challenge had even begun because the idea of getting in a giant empty hamster wheel made her u2018a bit panickyu2019. However she managed to win the, errr, hearts of many in her itsy-bitsy blue bikini.

Matthew Wright, 2013
3 of 9

Myleene isnu2019t the only contestant to don a white bikini on the show. The controversial talk show host showed us that he knows how to work his curves, à la Ms Klass. We bow down to you, Mr Wright.

Katie Price, 2009
4 of 9

No Iu2019m a Celebrity shower gallery would be complete without the assets of Katie Price, aka Jordan. Katie knew exactly what she was doing when she stripped down to a frilly red bikini and lathered up her bod in her second stint in the jungle.

Mark Wright, 2011
5 of 9

When we werenu2019t enjoying Marku2019s solo shower scenes (the man looks like a human Ken doll), we were obsessing with his flirtatious fling with glamour girl Emily Scott. Our ultimate fave moment has to be Mark emerging butt naked from the jungle pool as a lustful Emily looks on. Join the club, Scottieu2026

Ashley Roberts, 2012
6 of 9

In 2012, former Pussycat Dolls Ash made jaws drop across the nation when she took a dip in the pool. Doncha wish your girlfriend could work the jungle shower like her?

Gino Du2019Acampo, 2009
7 of 9

The Italian stallion wasnu2019t shy about baring his naked bottom (which we didnu2019t mind at all). Room for one more in there, Gino?

Amy Willerton and Joey Essex, 2013
8 of 9

Sheu2019s the beauty queen of GB, heu2019s Essex royalty. Watching the love blossom between these two exceptionally beautiful specimens was one of our fave TV moments of 2013 – especially when they jumped in the shower together. We canu2019t decide who we fancy more.

Myleene Klass, 2006
9 of 9

Ms Klass is undoubtedly the queen of the jungle shower. Her infamous white bikini sold for £7,500 on eBay, which she donated to the victims of the Fareapak savings scandal.

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