MIC’s Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus DENY all knowledge of X rated picture ‘leaked’ on Twitter

Earlier today we almost spat out our tea when we saw a rather naughty photograph of what purported to be Made In Chelsea’s Alik Alfus’ manhood.


by Ellie Henman |
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We can only describe the photo as a cross between something very pornographic and something very odd. It involved the Bake Off (Paul Hollywood’s face was on the TV in the background) and someone’s feet.

Enough said.

But was this an elaborate hoax? Or did someone accidentally tweet a private picture meant for personal consumption?

Alik and co-star/girlfriend Louise Thomas have denied the photographs are them and a representative called the images fake

More lovely news!

    According to them – the picture was all down to some very, very good photoshopping.

    “Neither Louise nor Alik knew anything about this image,” Alik’s spokesperson said. “So when they saw it, both parties were completely shocked.

    “There are several people who could have had motives to do such a thing. Alik says he's never taken part in such an image.”

    An insider told the Sun: “This situation is hugely embarrassing for Louise and Alik. It appears that someone has gone to extreme lengths to make them look stupid. Faking that photo would have taken hours of work - superimposing Alik's face on another man's body, and replicating Louise's home from other snaps.

    “Then they would have had to fine tune all of the details to make the photo look realistic. It's hard to understand why anyone would go to all of that effort. It is not known why the hackers decided to have the TV showing Great British Bake Off host Paul Hollywood in the background.”

    This is the weirdest thing to have happened today and we are STILL completely grossed out.


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