Michelle Keegan hits back at fans claiming her marriage to Mark Wright is a ‘disaster’

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Trolls have been claiming that their marriage will never work due to long distance

Mark Wright has only just been offered another year presenting in LA, which the couple should be celebrating.

But unfortunately cruel trolls have taken to social media to scrutinise his marriage to_Our Girl_star Michelle Keegan, branding it as a 'disaster' because of the long distance between the couple.

Michelle has insisted that she has a thick skin and avoids reading the nasty comments, but this time it appears that she had no other option but to hit back.

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She told The Sun: "There's so much negativity behind the fact that if I work away and Mark's away, it has to be a disaster. I ignore those rumours and just stay positive.

"There’s so much negativity behind the fact that if I work away and Mark’s away, it has to be a disaster."

"That's the only negative I get from working away. I'm quite a positive person anyway so I don't read all the negativity."

And, referring to the physical distance between the pair when they are both working in different countries, she said, "It’s always been something that we will talk about. I’m just really proud of him."

And when it comes to Michelle potentially making a permanent move across the pond? "I do love LA… but I’m a northern girl…I miss my family. I miss Manchester… It’s just not me – I’m not an LA woman."

Looks like she'll be staying put for now!

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