MIC’s Spencer Matthews runs into ex Caggie Dunlop – WHILE with new girlfriend Lauren Hutton

Bet that was super-awks

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When you're a norm, avoiding a significant ex isn't that hard – you either hide behind the milk whenever you spot them in the supermarket, or you stalk their social media profiles so much you're pretty sure you'll never turn up at the same place.

But celebrities must have it way harder – which is why we're doing a full-body cringe right now after learning Made In Chelsea's Spencer Matthews showed up to the same party as his ex, Caggie Dunlop, AND his current girlfriend, Lauren Hutton.


Pretty much the ideal meet-the-ex outfit, this

Spenny's often talked about Cags in the 'one that got away' sense – he once even told heat that he wants to marry her and still totally loves her, which must be nice for Lauren.

Anyway, the awkward threesome all turned up to the Taylor Morris sunglasses collection launch in (where else?) the Chelsea Gardener last night, to support ex-_MIC_ite Hugo Taylor's brand.

Also there were heat Radio's Jamie Laing, Rosie Fortescue and Hugo's are-they-aren't-they girlfriend Natalie Joel.

It's not even the first time Spencer's been in this situation. There was that one season of the show where Louise Thompson, Lucy Watson AND Stephanie Pratt had all been cheated on by Spenny and wanted to confront him.

However, Lauren is still behaving as cool as a cucumber in this current series, so we're guessing she turns a massive blind eye to Spencer's previous philandering or just doesn’t care.

Spencer Matthews does boot camp!


Spencer Matthews at boot camp working on his six-pack

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spencer-matthews-topless-running-stairs2 of 14


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spencer-matthews-running-down-stairs4 of 14


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spencer-matthews-tired-work-out5 of 14


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spencer-matthews-topless-naked-made-in-chelsea6 of 14


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spencer-matthews-healthy-eating-beach7 of 14


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spencer-matthews-naked-pool-work-out8 of 14


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spencer-matthews-made-in-chelsea-before six-pack11 of 14

spencer-matthews-made-in-chelsea-before six-pack

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spencer-matthews-six-pack-topless-naked12 of 14


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spencer-matthews-made-in-chelsea-pink-top13 of 14


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