EXCLUSIVE: Mike Thalassitis and his friends apparently claim he slept with Jess Shears ‘100 times over’

We caught up with one of the girls who claims to have spoken to Mike in Ibiza

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by Joanna Freedman |
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God, this Jess and Mike saga is never ending, isn't it?

Yesterday, Facebook and Twitter were GOING OFF with people claiming Mike Thalassitis had boasted about sleeping with Jess Shears while he was partying in Ibiza…

One user tweeted a screenshot of a Snapchat conversation which alleged that Mike went into graphic detail about his romp with Jess...

And another shared a Facebook status which claimed that during a conversation with Mike on the White Isle, he had more or less admitted he'd done the deed.

But now, in the latest dramatic turn of events, heat can exclusively reveal the details of another of Mike's alleged conversations while in Ibiza… and it's preeetty interesting.

Elise Brodie, who was holidaying in Ibiza with her boyfriend at the time, said that she met Muggy Mike in a KFC on the island, and asked him and his friends about the rumours circling that he'd slept with Jess after she'd left the Love Island villa.

Speaking to heat, she revealed: "Me and my boyfriend Daniel seen him in KFC and we got a picture with him, and then Dan went on to ask him if the rumours were true.

"Mike laughed and his friends were laughing too, and then he said "well what do you think?"

"We said "yes", and then he stuck his thumbs up and nodded. His friend then went on to say "yeah, he shagged her 100 times over…""

Yup, that's right. Apparently not only Mike revealed the rumours were true, but his friends did too.

We wonder what Muggy Mike will have to say about this, then?

Earlier today, Mike took to Twitter to deny any stories circulating about his behaviour in Ibiza. He wrote: "Further to all of the ridiculous stories falsely stating I made comments in Ibiza about Jessica Shears.

"Out of respect to both Jess & Dom I would like to go on record and categorically deny these disgraceful rumours and assure everyone that I never have and never would speak in such a manner, even if the story was true, which it is not.

"I trust this to be the end of the non-story that keeps dragging on. I appreciate the media interest in love island is immense but do not believe this nonsense with absolutely no proof to back up the claims.’

Hmm. Sorry Mike, but it all seems rather suspicious to us.

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