Mike Thalassitis’s ex says he’s a ‘muggy user’. Awks.

So they're not on the best terms, then?

Mike Thalassitis Love Island

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Mike Thalassitis off of Love Island's ex-girlfriend's claimed he's only out for a bit of a shag and has been known to tell the odd white lie, which isn't massively great publicity for him.

Robyn Delabarre's been there, done that with Muggy Mike and now wants to send a message to Tyla Carr in a bid to warn her his motives might not be as legit as he makes out. Oh bloody hell.

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Mike Thalassitis Love Island

Chatting to The Sun Online, Robyn said: "He made the same promises to me and Tyla, like talking about romantic trips to Paris. I wonder how many more women he’s made these kind of promises too?

"Mike was so charming and lovely at first. We had an amazing night together and he was ringing me and texting me afterwards – I really fell for him.

"But now I realise he’s mugged me off and I think he’ll do the same to other women. It’s all just one big act with Mike."

But it doesn't end there. She added: "I text him when he was evicted and I said I wanted to have a chat and he replied: 'Get a life.'

"I went back to him and told him that I hadn’t said a bad word about him. I basically said he was my hero and how much he’d protected me and how nice he was.

"Then he wrote: 'Mate, who even are you?'"

"I hadn’t felt like I did about Mike in a long time and now he’s treated me like this, it really shocked me. He knows who I am, he slept with me. He made me feel special.

"I was telling all my friends how lovely he was but now I know that’s not true."


Robyn continued: "He’s so muggy and just a game player. Being in Love Island has gone to his head, he’s fame hungry.

"He’ll try his tricks again on other women but I hope they don’t fall for it. Mike is only after one thing."

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What d'ya make of that, then? Confirmed your suspicions that Mike is indeed muggy? Give us a tweet over @heatworld.


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