Did Mila Kunis just admit she’s married on James Corden’s new chat show?

The actress sort of confirmed the news on James Corden's Late Late Show

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by Lauren Smith |
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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have previously been a bit coy about whether they actually ARE married or not - but now we FINALLY know the truth. Well, sort of. The actress almost admitted she's tied the knot to Ashton - on James Corden's new chat show in America

Yep, our very own JC managed to do what other US talk shows have failed at in the past - wheedling out whether Ashton really DID put a ring on it.

In the very first episode of Corden's Late Late Show, which debuted last night, James asked Mila about whether she was married or not.

According to The Mirror, she didn't say much, but he then pressed her with: "Either you're married or you're not."

And she replied saying: "Maybe."

He then demanded to see her wedding ring finger, where she was wearing a ring, and told the audience: "They are married, look."

Mila then reportedly looked a little bashful - and James checked during the ad break whether she was OK (she was, thankfully).

She also revealed that "Ashton is an amazing father ... (we are) thinking about baby number two."

Nice job, James!

Mila had previously been asked about her marital status on the Ellen DeGeneres Show - and remained coy.

Ellen asked: "Why would it be such a secret if you were married.

"Are you still trying to stay on the market for men? It's a whole professional thing."

Mila responded with a joke, saying: "You got it figured out, Ellen."

Blimey - is anyone else a little exhausted with all this marriage mystery? Let's just all assume they got hitched, are happy and move on with our lives.

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