Mila Kunis reveals she would help her daughter Wyatt bury a body. Yes, really

And not to become graveyard workers

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When you’re a celebrity and you boast about your infant child in interviews, what type of stuff do you bring up? ‘Oh I like to dress her in Chanel boots,’ and ‘she is always such a happy baby’ – that kind of thing, right?

Well, Mila Kunis’ first topic of conversation when it comes to her and Ashton Kutcher’s daughter Wyatt is murder.

Err, what?

Let’s clear this one up quickly for you – it is what you think – if Mila Kunis’ daughter Wyatt killed anyone, Mila would help her bury the body.


Totes lols, but kind of not.

Mila told Business Insider: "I think if she killed someone, I would literally be like, ‘I got it.’

"‘Where do you want me to bury the body?’ I wouldn’t even question it. I can’t say that about anybody else in my life."

Photo bomb!!!! > >

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On a slightly lighter note, earlier this year Mila spoke about parenthood and said: "Everything is different.

"From the fact that you’re so happy when you get six hours of sleep to the idea of being responsible for this incredible, living breathing little human being that you can’t believe is yours."

Mila continued to gush about being a mum by adding: "I’m super lucky that I could work from home, so to speak.

"My office is downstairs. There’s coming a point in her little life where all my attention can’t always go to her."

Note-to-self: Mila Kunis is done with talking cutsie about Wyatt and is getting down to the, erm, nitty-gritty.

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