WHY did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth spend Christmas in hospital?


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by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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So Christmas is almost completely over and we’ll have to wait another 360 days to feign happiness when our mums buy us more knickers from Primark.

Didn’t manage to get anything remotely as flashy as Kylie Jenner’s SO-BLINGY-OUR-EYES-BURN diamond necklace?

There’s always next year.

But there’s one celebrity couple that isn’t buying into all of that rubbish this year, and they’re making our hearts swell with happiness.

It is of course, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.

The pair rekindled their love this year, and spent the holidays together.

Remember that hilarious Christmas picture of Liam with Miley’s family where he kind of looks like he’s just been chucked in it? Cute and awkward in equal measure.

Then they decided to go ahead and adopt the HUGEST dog we have ever seen in our lives and encourage others to give homes to rescue animals.

And as IF that wasn’t enough, Miley and Liam then headed off to a children’s hospital for a surprise visit to spread peace and love and all things wonderful.

Seriously, this is too much.

We can’t cope with this many emotions right now while our bodies are still processing the 29301 bottles of wine we consumed in December, and we may or may not be feeling like we’re on the emotional edge thanks to this thirty day hangover.

The hospital works in collaboration with Miley’s charity, Happy Hippie Foundation, and the two of them were apparently there giving all the kids lols.

As we could totally imagine.

Could these two BE any more perfect? REALLY?

So the next time you moan about your gut ache because you’ve eaten too much turkey, or you bitch to your mates that your brother forgot you weren’t a teenager anymore and bought you a Groovy Chick bed set AGAIN, let Miley and Liam remind you of what this festive season is really about.

No, we’re not crying. YOU’RE CRYING.


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