Miley Cyrus posts a picture of girl with her hands down her shorts…

And we are speechless.


by Maria Vallahis |
Published on

Surely some things should really be kept private – well Miley Cyrus may have officially taken it too far.

The former child star shared a snap of a girl with her hand down her shorts. She posted the picture with the caption: “A masturbate a day keeps the haters away.”

Miley posted this snap earlier today.

In other weird Miley news… TMZ reported that Miley’s little bro, Braison Cyrus, is dating Vanessa Schwarzenegger – Patrick’s sister.

The website reports that the pair have been seeing each other since December. Braison has appeared in several Instagram photos with Vanessa since then.

Yes, it’s all a bit confusing, so let us clarify (we can’t be bothered to get a pen and paper out and draw a family tree – thought we will if you really, really need us to).

Basically Arnie’s kids are dating Billy’s kids. Nothing illegal with that – but it will make for weird if both sets get married.

That would make Christina not only Patrick’s sister, but also her sister-in-law – and Braison will be Miley’s brother AND brother-in-law.

And if the couples break up, it’s going to get even more shades of awks - imagine all the times the exes will have to attend weddings and the like. Eek.

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