Millie Mackintosh almost missed husband Professor Green at the MOBOs because she got stuck in traffic

And we thought that Mills would have been rich enough for a watch


by Rosie Gizauskas |
Published on

You’d think that Millie Mackintosh is probably rich enough to get a helicopter, and bypass such common problems are traffic.

Or, you know, a watch. Maybe times are tight in the Mackintosh/Green household. We’re imagining Millie spends a LOT of money on kale, after all.

Anyway, due to being short of a helicopter or two, Millie almost missed her husband Professor Green on stage at the MOBO Awards because she got stuck in traffic.

What’s a girl to do!? Er, well, sit there and wait, we guess, along with the rest of the peasants.

Looks like Millie made it to the MOBO Awards though (phew) because she’s been busy tweeting about all the fun she’s having, and Instagramming what looks like a hologram of Professor Green on stage (either that or Millie’s sitting in a really weird seat).

Futuristic. Although we still think you should get yourself one of those watch things, Millie.

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