Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green enjoy some holiday sun – despite divorce rumours

Millie Mac and Pro Green enjoying some quality time.

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by Maria Vallahis |
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Just after the rumours that Millie Mackintosh shouted 'I want a divorce' at husband Professor Green, Millie's been on the old Instagram to share some cosy holiday snaps.

Millie shared several pictures of the couple warming up in the sunshine, one was captioned: "#Sundays".


Wearing their sunnies, Millie leant onto Pro Green's shoulder - they looked a vision far less than what we think a couple divorcing looks like.

The beautiful Millie also shared a picture to Instagram of a drink and her glam purse, and another of her posing with some lovely flowers.

Millie showing off her holiday snaps on Instagram.

Before all these glorious snaps, the former Made In Chelsea star posted a video describing her holiday as 'heaven' - again a far cry from the word 'divorce'.

A source spoke to heat telling us the couple were quite happy.

A friend said: "Millie and Stephen went to Istanbul over two months ago, they're really happy and this has all been blown [well out] of proportion.

"There is no issue with them, they're a normal, happy couple."


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