How much do we love Taylor Swift? Let us count the ways…

Since it's Taylor Swift's birthday, we gathered up all the reasons why we love the world's biggest pop star

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25 resons we love Taylor Swift

She has embarrassing childhood throwbacks (just like us!)
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She has the BEST Halloween costumes
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She's not a morning person either
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She pulls the best 'so over it' face
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She invites fans round to her house! (And yes, that's her dad photobombing- LOL)
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She has a cute kitten called Olivia Benson
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She's best friends with actual supermodles (that's Karlie Kloss FYI)
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She can totally rock out on stage
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She's besties with Ed Sheeran
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She totally looks out for her fellow popstars (with Arianna Grande)
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Oh yeah, and she's also besties with Lorde (why aren't we best friends with Taylor, too?!)
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Her pool skills are just as impressive as ours (i.e. not good)
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She's a sucker for a view
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She has the best taste in phone covers...
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She wins Grammys...
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Like TWO at a time!
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She has a lucky number- can we borrow your lucky number TayTay??
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You can catch Taylor and her BFF Ellie Goulding at Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park on 27 June 2015.

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