Mutya Buena has the BEST response to body-shaming trolls

BTW we think she looks great

mutya bueno

by Heat |

Mutya Buena has always had haters - remember when she got her upper lip pierced during her Sugababes reign, and everyone went crazy?

Now, however, the 30-year-old solo artist has gone and got so many tattoos we wouldn't know where to begin counting them, because it's her life, her body, and who is anyone to stick their oar in?

Turns out, a lot of people. Because Mutya felt the need to defend herself from trolls reacting badly to her new look.

mutya bueno

The rant was soon deleted, but appeared on Mutya's Instagram page after a series of bikini selfies showing off her tats and incredible rack (sorry but it's true: she has a great rack) attracted loads of negative comments. Which we're baffled about. See above comment about her top rack.

Anyway, she deleted the rant but replaced it with this rather clever joke:

Nice one Mutya, we agree. You tell those haters.

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