NAKED Calum Best – is he taking style tips from Bobby Norris’ Ball Bag?

Calum Best posted some rather racy snaps on Instagram earlier but there was something else that caught our eye.


by Ellie Henman |
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Yes it appears Calum has been taking some inspiration from TOWIE star Bobby Norris and his, erm, ball bag – which he showed off on a beach earlier today.

Fashioned from what appeared to be tin foil – click here to see the snaps– Bobby proudly waded into the sea wearing his rather unusual manhood warmer.

And now Calum has done the same, although his does seem to be a sock. Which is far less glam.

Nice, erm, ball bag...
Nice, erm, ball bag...

The naked pictures are all for a good cause mind, with Calum helping to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer UK’s Check ‘em lads campaign.

He looks HOT.

All he needs to do now is lose that beard...

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