Are NAKED Calvin Harris pictures doing the rounds? DJ ‘worried about nude snap leak’

Unfortunately we probably won't get to see them


by Owen Tonks |
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If you haven’t seen Calvin Harris nearly naked in his new Emporio Armani Underwear shoot, where have you been? You really need to check them out because he is looking HAWT!

Unfortunately for us it seems that’s all Calvin wants to see of us – photos of the DJ completely starkers are allegedly doing the rounds.

Nude images of Calvin are reportedly being shopped to porn companies and Calvin is planning to take anyone who publishes them to court, according to TMZ.

Apparently the star took the pictures himself to send to lady friends and they show a little more than just him in his underwear.

If this is true, we reckon he’s got nothing to worry about judging by the HOTNESS of his Armani snaps but it looks like they’re going to be kept, erm, under wraps for now.

GALLERY: Calvin Harris in his pants for Emporio Armani Underwear


TORSO TUESDAY: Calvin Harris

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