Naomi Campbell has FINALLY started following step-brother Richard Blackwood on Twitter

Yes, they’re step-siblings…

Naomi and RIchard

by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Family and social media is a tricky thing. There’s all those well-worn clichés, like the auntie you’ve not seen forever who writes “you look just like nan here xxxxxxxxxxx” all over all your profile photos. PLEASE STOP ALREADY.

Then you’ve probably got a mum who’s obsessed with posting news stories about murders and people getting stalked, while your actual sibling thinks they’re too cool for you and refuses to follow you.

AS IF THEY ARE TOO COOL FOR YOU. You’ve got pretty much the same DNA, etc etc.


    It’s the latter with Richard Blackwood. Who, by the way and if you didn’t know, IS NAOMI CAMPBELL’S STEPBROTHER.

    So, no DNA shared, but Naomi totally though she was too cool for old Richard – until now.

    Them being related was a shock to us, but it’s pretty cool. Maybe she practised throwing toy phones at him when they were kids?

    Anyway, she’s ONLY JUST started following him on Twitter. But hey, better late than never, right?

    Richard told the Guardian in 2000 that: "We were closer when we were younger - then my dad and her mum split up. She's got her life to lead, and I have my own. Remember, we were only together for a short space of time - our parents were together for only seven years.

    "But we speak from time to time. Naomi's good... She was a good sister for a long time. She saw me at the clubs. We still talk."

    Well, she’ll be seeing you on Twitter as well as at the clubs now, Richard.

    Now, here’s that video of Rich unable to zest a lemon on Sunday Brunch to help you on your way towards the weekend. It doesn’t get old, does it?

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